We started Savvy Bat in 2017 with a vision to conduct marketing based on honesty and integrity. Technologies are changing, but the principles remain the same: nothing beats genuine communication. That’s why we focus on developing gripping stories and telling them to the world. Not only that, but we foster conversations around your brand to generate more leads and get the recognition you deserve.



Hi, I’m Kayla,

I started Savvy Bat, LLC as a recent graduate of Western Carolina University with a vision of helping companies succeed. When I started, all I had was an attention to detail, an eye for industry trends, and enough sheer determination to make it happen. I understand the importance of reputation in today’s world, and that’s why I work with you to aim high and deliver content audiences love. I focus on content marketing to help companies understand their values and build relationships with clients rather than seeing them as numbers in a sales funnel.

With the constantly changing trends on social media, information and suggestions even from a year ago may be outdated. I work with you to focus on upcoming and maintainable trends. This way, you can spend less time working on leads and more time doing what you love.


Start a conversation with us at info@savvybat.com to learn how we can benefit you. I promise it will be one of the best business decisions you ever make.